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In this chapter we discuss resources - files which belong to a Neos package and are versioned in git. The previous chapter discusses media assets, these are all by editors uploaded documents. In contrast the next chapter discusses

#Asset resources

The resources of the dynamic assets are handled by the 

  • Neos.Flow-Framework


#File resources

There are many resources involved in the CMS, that are not really content-elements. All these functional and presentational assets are part of the tool, but not really "content" (example: icons). Therefore these files are versioned.

  • *.yaml
  • *.fusion
  • *.css
  • *.js
  • ...

The Neos CMS follows 'Convention over Configuration'

  • Fusion file-naming conventions
  • Fusion folder-structure conventions

#Convention over Configuraation

As fusion expects respective resources on "the right place" to work correctly, there are furthermore recommendations and conventions to increase standardization of packages

  • private assets
  • public  assets

#Static assets

There are versioned binary-file resources, which can be called asset, but have nothing to to with the Neos Asset Management

  • background-image
  • icons
  • ...