Improving Performance

How you can improve the performance of your production Neos instance


This page is not yet fully completed - we are still working on the content here. Expect some rough edges 🙃

There are various tweaks you should apply to Neos, ensuring it runs performantly and smooth - also with bigger sites. This page aims to list them.

#Suggestions by core team member Sebastian Helzle

Be sure to read Sebastian's blog post, as it lists many important tips and tweaks:

#How to use strace to find slowness

This blog post at explains how you can use strace to find out causes when a site is slow; and then fix the Content Cache.

#Daniel's Talk about Large Scale Neos

At Neos Conference 2019, Neos Core Team member Daniel Lienert had a talk about how to improve performance in huge Neos projects. He covers various topics, from optimized packages to certain FlowQuery constructs to improve.

We'll complete this page soon!

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