Editor Support

Editor Plugins and other tools

The Neos community has created various editor plugins and helpers to ease development with Neos. Feature-wise, the editor extensions often provide syntax highlighting for Fusion and AFX, and help while writing NodeTypes.yaml. Some editor extensions provide additional features.

#PHPStorm / IntelliJ Plugin

This plugin is actively maintained by our community member Christian Vette. New releases are done regularily, and this package provides a great help for using Neos.

Neos Fusion language support

  • Configurable syntax highlighting
  • Basic formatting
  • Brace matching
  • Breadcrumb navigation
  • Code folding
  • Structure view
  • EEL helper references (Ctrl+Click navigation to class/method)
  • Prototype references (Ctrl+Click navigation to prototype definition)
  • Find usages of prototypes
  • Rename refactoring for prototypes

Support for node type definitions

  • Configuration keys completion, based on Shel.Neos.Schema
  • "Go to definition" for node types / supertypes / constraints

Ensure the plugin is activated for Neos projects

Sometimes, the plugin does not auto-activate after opening a Neos project, and thus, autocompletions does not work properly.
To ensure the plugin is enabled, go to Preferences -> Languages&Frameworks -> PHP -> Frameworks -> Neos and click ENABLE PLUGIN FOR THIS PROJECT

#Visual Studio Code Plugin for Fusion

This plugin is maintained by Networkteam and makes integrating projects with Neos and VS Code very nice.

Main Features

  • Basic syntax highlighting for Fusion
  • AFX Syntax support
  • Code-Snippets for Fusion-Objects
  • starting in 2.0: support for the Tailwind CSS IntelliSense plugin in AFX

#Visual Studio Code - NodeTypes Autocompletion

The package Shel.Neos.Schema, maintained by Sebastian Helzle, contains instructions how to install autocompletions into Visual Studio Code. Check out the README of this package!

Main Features for  NodeTypes.*.yaml, Caches.yaml and node migration Version*.yaml files:

  • autocompletion
  • typehints
  • validation
  • inline documentation

#neovim plugin based on Treesitter Grammar for Fusion

Community Member Jürgen Messner has worked on a Treesitter grammar for Fusion, which can be used to get syntax highlighting in neovim.

NeoVim, a community driven fork of vim, has native support for tressitter and Language Servers in versions >= 0.6.

Details can be found in this discuss post, where he explains the details.

Thanks to Language Servers, Shel.Neos.Schema should be easy to use this in neovim as well - see neovim lspconfig