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This page is not yet fully completed - we are still working on the content here. Expect some rough edges 🙃

Media Management

In the editorial context of the CMS, a lot of images are used as "illustrating content". Handling these assets in the editorial workflow rises complexity of a CMS.

With Neos, editors can organize those assets professionally. The extensibility of the media-module allows to integrate external libraries and storages.

Extendable Media Management

  1. Media Library
    • Neos has a media-library where editors upload and manage images and files.
    • These files ("assets") can be searched, tagged and grouped in collections.
  2. Replace Files
    • Editors can replace files in the Media module and all places where they are used get updated accordingly.
  3. Cloud Storage Support
  4. Asset Sources
    • External Assets can be intergrated via "AssetSourceInterface". This allows to connect DAM-Systems as well as MediaLibraries.
  5. "Asset Management" Integrations
    • Digital Asset Management Systems manage media libraries across whole companies. Neos integrates PixxIO, more integrations are being developed.
    • flownative/neos-pixxio
  6. Photo-library Integrations
  7. MediaWiki Integration
    • Using "assetsource mediawiki", the whole MediaWiki library is available via the Neos media-library.
    • dl/assetsource-mediawiki
  8. Asynchronous Image Generation
    • Cropping and scaling of images are deferred optionally until the image is actually requested by a browser to optimize performance.
  9. Responsive Images

Neos Media Browser

  • Asset upload
  • Image-Tagging
  • Image-Manipulation (=variants)
    • cropping

Versioned Resources

There are many resources involved in the CMS, that are not really content-elements. All these functional and presentational assets are part of the tool, but not really "content" (example: icons). Therefore these files are versioned.

  • *.yaml
  • *.fusion
  • *.css
  • *.js
  • ...

Fusion resources organization

  • Fusion file-naming conventions
  • Fusion folder-structure conventions

File resources conventions

As fusion expects respective resources on "the right place" to work correctly, there are furthermore recommendations and conventions to increase standardization of packages

  • private assets
  • public  assets