System Requirements

PHP 7.1, MySQL or Postgres

Flow Framework

Everything explained here also applies to the Flow framework (as Neos is based on Flow; and they share the same installation guides).
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The most important requirements are:

  • PHP >= 7.1.0; we recommend the newest released PHP version (as it is generally faster than the version before)
    • PHP modules mbstring, tokenizer and pdo_mysql
    • PHP functions exec(), shell_exec(), escapeshellcmd() and escapeshellarg()
    • It is recommended to install one of the PHP modules VIPS, imagick or gmagick. We also support GD (but it is quite slow, so we do not recommend it for production).
  • Database (MySQL > 5.7.7, MariaDB > 10.2.2 and PostgreSQL > 9.4 are supported)
  • On your development machine, you'll need Git.

For development, using a web server (Apache or Nginx are supported) is optional because PHP ships with an embedded server. For production, you need one of the above two webservers.

Ensure your PHP CLI version matches the PHP web server version.

If you run PHP together with Apache or Nginx, you need to ensure that the corresponding PHP CLI (Command Line) version is installed as well, as we require it to precompile classes properly. Neos won't work without this!

Work locally, deploy to live

We suggest that you work on your local machine, not directly on a remote web server. Then, use Git and some kind of deployment process to deploy your code to a production server.

PHP version Matrix

Flow versionNeos versionPHP version – 7.0
3.0 – 3.32.0 – 2.35.5 – 7.0
4.0 – 4.33.0 – 3.37.0 – 7.2+
5.0 – 5.34.0 – 4.37.1 – 7.2+