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Editor Support

The Neos community has created various editor plugins and helpers to ease development with Neos. Feature-wise, the editor extensions often provide syntax highlighting for Fusion and AFX, and help while writing NodeTypes.yaml. Some editor extensions provide additional features.

PHPStorm / IntelliJ Plugin

This plugin is actively maintained by our community member Christian Vette. New releases are done regularily, and this package provides a great help for using Neos.

Main Features

  • Neos Fusion language support
    • Configurable syntax highlighting
    • Basic formatting
    • Brace matching
    • Breadcrumb navigation
    • Code folding
    • Structure view
    • EEL helper references (Ctrl+Click navigation to class/method)
    • Prototype references (Ctrl+Click navigation to prototype definition)
    • Find usages of prototypes
    • Rename refactoring for prototypes
  • Support for node type definitions
    • Configuration keys completion, based on Shel.Neos.Schema
    • "Go to definition" for node types / supertypes / constraints

Ensure the plugin is activated for Neos projects

Sometimes, the plugin does not auto-activate after opening a Neos project, and thus, autocompletions does not work properly.
To ensure the plugin is enabled, go to Preferences -> Languages&Frameworks -> PHP -> Frameworks -> Neos and click ENABLE PLUGIN FOR THIS PROJECT

Visual Studio Code Plugin for Fusion

This plugin is maintained by Networkteam and makes integrating projects with Neos and VS Code very nice.

Main Features

  • Basic syntax highlighting for Fusion
  • AFX Syntax support
  • Code-Snippets for Fusion-Objects
  • starting in 2.0: support for the Tailwind CSS IntelliSense plugin in AFX

Visual Studio Code - NodeTypes Autocompletion

The package Shel.Neos.Schema, maintained by Sebastian Helzle, contains instructions how to install autocompletions into Visual Studio Code. Check out the README of this package!

Main Features for  NodeTypes.*.yaml, Caches.yaml and node migration Version*.yaml files:

  • autocompletion
  • typehints
  • validation
  • inline documentation

neovim plugin based on Treesitter Grammar for Fusion

Community Member J├╝rgen Messner has worked on a Treesitter grammar for Fusion, which can be used to get syntax highlighting in neovim.

NeoVim, a community driven fork of vim, has native support for tressitter and Language Servers in versions >= 0.6.

Details can be found in this discuss post, where he explains the details.

Thanks to Language Servers, Shel.Neos.Schema should be easy to use this in neovim as well - see neovim lspconfig