Upgrade Instructions 7.2 → 7.3

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Upgrade Instructions 7.2 → 7.3

By using composer, you can update an existing installation to a specific version, without having to create a new project.

For further information on what changed, please take a look at the changelogs (Neos, Flow)

Update Instructions

Before making substantial changes, make sure you create a backup of the database and files!

cd /installation-root/
# Update the core package dependencies
composer require --no-update "neos/neos:~7.3.0"
composer require --no-update "neos/neos-ui:~7.3.0"

# Update optional package dependencies (if installed)
composer require --no-update "neos/site-kickstarter:~7.3.0"
composer require --no-update "neos/demo:~7.3.0"

If you still require neos/neos-ui-compiled in your composer.json, please remove the dependency since it's not needed anymore.

If you have development packages in your composer manifest, update them to match as well:

# Update development packages (if installed)
composer require --no-update --dev "neos/buildessentials:~7.3.0"

Not on Neos 7.2 yet?

If you are upgrading from a lower version than 7.2, be sure to read the upgrade instructions from the previous Release Notes first.

Breaking Changes

With this minor release, no breaking changes have been added apart from a deprecation announcement.


Fusion Parser deprecate namespace alias

Starting with Neos 8.0 the namespace alias will not work anymore.
Instead of the namespace alias, the users need to use the full namespace again.

Always show current node in breadcrumb

The Prototype Neos.Neos:BreadcrumbMenu was using node, this is fixed and use documentNode now. In addition, the Prototype Neos.Neos:BreadcrumbMenuItems had the wrong order. This has been fixed, but eventually the reverse ordering needs to be removed now [Array.reverse(props.menuItems)].


With this minor release, no breaking changes have been added.

Finish the update

In general just make sure to run the following commands:

To clear all file caches:

# Update the packages
composer update

# Flush the caches
./flow flow:cache:flush --force

If you have additional cache backends configured, make sure to flush them too.

To apply core migrations:

  ./flow flow:core:migrate <Package-Key>

For every package you have control over (see Upgrading existing code below).

To validate/fix the database encoding, apply pending migrations and to (re)publish file resources:

 ./flow database:setcharset
 ./flow doctrine:migrate
 ./flow resource:publish


If you run into trouble with Neos content or resources, the following may help: 

# If you get error messages when running Flow CLI commands:
rm -rf Data/Temporary

# If you experience issues with pages not working, try 
./flow node:repair

# If you experience issues with resources, thumbnail or assets, try
./flow resource:clean
./flow media:clearthumbnails