Laravel Valet (macOS)

Simple Neos Setup using Laravel Valet

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Simon Krull

What is Laravel Valet?

Laravel Valet is a simple development environment for macOS using nginx

Not available for Windows

Laravel Valet is not available for Windows. If you are using Windows, i would recommend that you take a look at the other instructions in the documentation for installing Neos on Windows.

Install Laravel Valet

Please go to the official Laravel Valet documentation for more information on how to install Laravel Valet on your system.

Create your Neos Project

Create your Neos Project with Composer

composer create-project neos/neos-base-distribution .

Serve your project

In your Project Directory, you can run the following command to make sure that your project can be served from Laravel valet.

valet link

If everything worked, you can access your project at the URL your-project.test.

Secure your project

Laravel Valet makes it very easy for you to assign an SSL certificate to your project.

valet secure

Change your TLD

Laravel uses dnsmasq which makes it really easy, to change the top-level-domain of your project.

valet domain local

After the command is executed, nginx and dnsmasq will be restarted. If everything has worked, your project should be accessible under the new domain.

Running the Setup Tool

The last step would be to install Neos itself. For this, you can take a look at the instructions for the setup tool.

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