Docker Setup using Local Beach (all Platforms)

For Mac OS and Linux, using Local Beach provides a tailor-made Docker-based setup.

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Karsten Dambekalns

What is Local Beach?

Local Beach provides a tailor-made, free development environment for Neos and Flow, based on Docker and Docker Compose.

Not yet working on Windows

Local Beach is not yet running on Windows. While the Docker Compose setup in the background would work on Windows, the tooling needs to be adjusted. If you want to help out, get in touch with us at Flownative!

Step by Step Instructions

This tutorial describes how to put some parts of these caches inside the docker containers created by ddev, so that the execution times are very acceptable and developing is fun.

1. Install Local Beach & set up project

Local Beach comes with a command line tool that has to be installed first.

Please follow the getting started guide to install Local Beach to install that tool and set up your project.

2. Start Local Beach

If you followed the instructions above you have probably done this already:

beach start

Now, you are ready to access the Neos instance in your browser.

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